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Spiritual awakening

Beyond the Physical

With so many earthly matters to attend to every day, how can we find time to devote to a spiritual practice? I believe that the two go hand in hand. With Spiritual awakening, I aim to help you use mindfulness and gratitude to make order out of chaos.

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The aim of Spiritual awakening blog

Spiritual awakening is an individual experience that varies widely, but it generally involves an increased awareness of one's inner self, a connection to a higher reality, and a shift in perspective on life and its meaning. The key aspects are : self-discovery, inner peace, connection to the Divine, expanded consciousness, personal transformation, mindfulness and presence, empathy and compassion. This blog is written in two languages: english and croatian.The aim of this blog is to inspire all the beautiful souls around the world and to achieve mindfulness, happiness, self-healing and self-discovery.
Instagram contact: moon_muse23

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