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Divine Feminine and Masculine Twin flames part 3

Due to pressure, the DMs get into relationships which are unhealthy for them or harm on a long term. They make impulsive decisions and they harm themselves when in emotional pain with addictions of any kind. They learn their lessons through 3D earthly situations and scenarios. The main forms of issues with DMs is guilt, shame and suppressing their emotions and feeling overwhelmed when loved without conditions. They have anxious avoidant style.

The DFs are harmed by others and their lack of self love and self confidence gets them into an abusive pattern of thinking, being and living their life. They cannot see the positives in many situations. They attract partners / friends who are distant, don't show emotions, don't love them unconditionally, are not sincere, do bad things behind their back etc. The DFs have anxious attachment style.

Part 4 soon...

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