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Divine feminine Twin flame part 1

In today's blog I want to talk about the Divine Feminine (DF) Twin flame.

The DF is usually born in a generational trauma and a narcissistic co-dependent family where feelings or love are not a topic at all. No one ever discusses about emotional issues.

They work like machines, function in low vibes, have no healty boundaries for themselves or others. The conversations mostly revolve around disrespecting other family members, not leaving narcissistic personalities out of fear of being left alone, operating all the time with fear and insecurity. The DFs feels like she doesn't belong at all and her feelings and opinions are not accepted. The family talk bad about other family members, marry spouses who are not capable of running a family, blame others for their miserable decisions and so on. The DF lives in a world of honesty and pureness but she can't get out of those patterns of fears and traumas and in the end she starts to unconsciously store them.

More about the Divine Masculine in tomorrow's blog.

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