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Healthy masculine energy

In today's society too little importance is given to healthy male energy and its important role in our society. Since the ego prevails, it is difficult to recognize what is healthy and what is not. Today's blog will try to explain what healthy masculine energy is and what it looks like. Healthy masculine energy is an energy that has become aware of itself, its purpose, its importance and no longer gives itself to situations and people that have no weight in its life. A man who is in his healthy masculine energy will talk openly about his feelings, thoughts, will be direct and consistent. His role is to protect the feminine energy, to take care of her, to organize the family unit the best he can, to be consistent and have integrity. When the masculine energy is in its role and stable, it will attract a partner/feminine energy that is equally stable and will feel safe in his presence. Healthy masculine energy is: strong, stable, consistent, has integrity, knows what he wants and where is headed, talks openly about his emotions, but is firm and brave at the same time. Since it has a strong polarity, male energy attracts the opposite strong polarity, which is healthy feminine energy.

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