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How to know if a soul is for us?

When we start with our healing journey, working on ourselves spiritually, emotionally and mentally, many things change. We begin to see that some things no longer resonate with us, our journey or with our life. When we start to change, the people we hang out with also change. How can we know that a partner or friend, a soul, is for us?

When we heal and love ourselves more, then we start to love our partner/friends more because we realize how blessed we are to have them, they grow and evolve with us. However, when this is not the case and we separate more and more from them and see nothing in common anymore, it is a sign that they are not our souls. It is a sign that they will not remain in our life. The healing journey is the journey of discovering our true essence and everything that is not aligned with it, will not be in our life anymore.

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