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Signs of a Divine Feminine

She is self-aware and recognizes her worth. Instead of reacting, she responds. She is authentic, open and receptive. She respects and loves her body, her mind and her emotions. She clearly communicates her needs because she knows her partner cannot read her mind. She cherishes her femininity. She sets healthy boundaries in her relationship with everyone, which means that she does not allow herself to fall into the role of victim and martyr. Her mental happiness comes first. She does not accept partial answers and disrespect. She is guided by her purpose in life and cherishes her connection with the Divine. She is empathetic, sincere, intuitive, gentle and playful. She is in touch with her inner child. She lets herself go, the man leads. She knows that her role is to bring peace, joy and love into the family unit. She chooses a partner who is brave, self-aware, who knows how to take care of her and who is in a healthy masculine energy.

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