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Signs of a Divine Masculine

He takes the initiative and initiates actions. He is stable, he is sure of what he wants and makes it clear. With him, there are no doubts and sentences like "I don't know, we'll see...", but everything is planned and clear. He is the one who leads, and the female partner lets herself go. He is present in every sense and is very protective, which means that other men in his circle know what his territory is. He is a leader and provider. He is characterized by determination, focus, integrity and discipline. He is brave and driven by his own purpose in life. He doesn't create problems, he solves them. He is emotionally open and available, he is in touch with himself and his emotions, openly shows and communicates them. It doesn't matter to him what others think about him, but what he thinks about himself. His thoughts, words and actions are aligned. He knows that his partner's task is not to co-finance expenses, but to bring peace, love and emotions to the family unit. He chooses a partner who is self-aware and in her feminine energy.

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