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Signs of a men in feminine energy

He doesn't have an opinion on anything in life and it's easier for him when others decide for him, first his parents and then his partner. He does not commit to serious relationships because it tires him and he prefers to be volatile. He doesn't like responsibility. He is afraid of strong and energetically healthy men. He avoids emotions and direct communication because that requires clear ideas, so his main motto is "I don't know, we'll see...". He does not know where he is going or what he wants from himself or others. He likes his partner to take care of him, not the other way around. He believes that the woman should finance everything 50/50. He is often offended if something is said to him and he does not like. There is no discipline or integrity. He does not take the initiative for anything and has no will to create anything in life, so if his partner wants something from him, she should beg him for everything. He is not active in the relationship/marriage, but rather passive and mostly leaves everything to chance. He does not express his opinion clearly and does not face problems, but tries to avoid them. He mostly lives in his invented fears of life. He chooses partners who are stronger than him energetically, who like to control him and dominate the situation.

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