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Signs of a woman in masculine energy

She sees femininity as a weakness and a threat. She feels better and stronger about herself when she is in masculine energy. She does not accept and denies herself tenderness and self-care. She thinks resting is a waste of time and always wants to be productive. She relies on logic, not intuition. He tries to control his life and that of his partner. She thinks that nourishing herself is superficial because she despises femininity. She is not in touch with her body and constantly needs to prove herself through work or physical strength. She believes that things should not be easy in life, but that everything should be earned the hard way. For her, torture is a sign of strength. She hates asking for help or depending on anyone. She compares her strength to the men around her and competes with them. She suppresses and does not acknowledge emotions. She persistently gives everything and wants nothing in return because she believes that she should give, not receive. She likes to control and dominate in partner relationships. She attracts emotionally unavailable men or men in feminine energy.

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