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The importance of sexual energy and its influence on the individual

How important is sexual energy and why do individuals have a lot of sexual energy? Sexual energy is much more important than people may think and its influence on an individual depends on three possible factors: the soul has trauma from childhood and tries to get love unconsciously through sex, the soul is spiritual and has healing energy or both things at the same time. Sexual energy comes directly from Source and as such is sacred, it signifies the highest act of love between partners. Unfortunately, today the sexual energy is limited to casual relationships where it is thought that the ego gains importance or that by limiting it to the physical, the soul tries to escape from emotions. But... the consequences of casual sexual relations are big. God gave us sexual energy as an act of love and the purpose is to create souls. When used casually, not only does the soul collect the traumas of the other soul with whom it has a casual relationship, but it also collects all the energies/traumas of all the souls/partners with whom the other soul had casual relationships. The energy of other souls can remain in the energy center for lot of years, which means that they cause additional weight on the soul. The more a soul heals, the more she realizes how important her temple, her body, her sexual energy is... the more she heals, the less intrigued she will be by casual relationships and the more ready she will be for a partner/soul who can give her love and respect. 🩷

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