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Twin Flames in third parties

These situations are very common in Twin flame relationships, mostly from the side of the Divine Masculine. Why is this even happening?

Because he is stuck in karmic cycles and beliefs about how to live. What matters to him is what others think about him and how he appears in front of others. Through sex, he thinks he's getting more important and has the society approval, but it's just an ego trap that keeps him in low frequencies. He wastes his energy on unimportant things. The Divine Feminine is of course devastated by these findings and thinks that through conversation or chaser energy she can change something. However, this is not so.

What can Divine Feminine do about it? Focus on herself. Which means: find your purpose in this life, nurture yourself, love yourself, respect yourself, work on yourself in every sense. When she starts to focus on herself, the energy will eventually help the Divine Masculine to start focusing on himself and do his job.

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